XRCO's, porno bullying and Oprah is a shmuck!

Last week we gathered our Puba team of chicks and production crew, grabbed our funky gear and headed to the XRCO Awards. Oh wait, Lyndell and I funked out, well mostly I did. My opinion on the matter was this ... it will be dark in there so I needed to stand out and promote. So I decided on my Puba hat, my white Harold Carmichael Eagles jersey, loud green shorts to match and my white/aqua Reebok pumps. PLUS for PR purposes I grabbed my bling monitor with all Puba girl trailers. Boom ... I was a walking loud Puba billboard.

Earlier in the day we spent around 8 hours shooting a GGG scene with Lexi Love, Natasha Nice and Shyla Stylez. Also the last few weeks I shot around 25-30 scenes and edited double that, I was pooped but after Kory's inspiring speech on the phone ... I was in the right mindset to PR battle any sucka coming my way. Plus with all these Kobra Kai agents, "directors" and web teams, I felt like we were Mr. Miyagi and Daniel trying to survive in the valley of karate do jo's. It's just in our case it's not kicking and chopping, it's fucking and sucking.

I believe that many people take advantage of these girls ... from bully agents who scare the girls into contracts to web teams not providing attention to their product and of course the wonderful directors, directing from a chair, a couch, from their home ... just simply going through non-creative motions. With us, we take pride in every shoot, every girl, every aspect of the company. And I am proud of Puba for that. So I put all our girl website trailers around my neck and off we went!



Inside I was the life of the party, weeell my monitor was. People followed me around watching our bad ass content. Big timers, watched from a distance. I felt maybe notepads should be handed out to some, so they can take notes on how to put out product of high quality and promote the shit out of it.

Yes, that's Ivan!

Yes, that's a blinged out monitor around his neck!

Yes, that content looks awesome!

No, he doesn't work for you!

Yes, you wish your directors and web teams did that for you!

AND YES, I just talked about myself in 3rd person.

People took pictures of me, with me, of the monitor. And I even had a few girls hit on me. I guess I should wear that fucking thing everywhere. As usual this was like a big High School reunion, seeing people haven't seen in a long time. People stood in clicks. And I was that Patrick Dempsey character in Can't Buy Me Love, when he did the "African Ant Eater Dance" at the party. Media enjoyed me as well. But the most important thing was I promoted our girls, PUBA.com and got a few more bites from girls needing websites.

Our approach is different ... we don't force girls into contracts and scare them when they try to leave. We don't try to fuck the girls literally and financially. And by golly just check out the content we provide.

The night was an amazing success. And we dropped that little stone in the pond to cause a ripple. With every event and time, I will be dropping bigger stones to create bigger ripples and splashing suckas in the face.



NOW about moronic efforts of Oprah hard at work. Last week she had Drew Brees on the show. Drew Brees is the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl winning quarterback. His entire life he has had a giant mole on his right side of the face. I've been a fan of his since his Purdue days and always wondered if he ever considered removing his birth mark. Well he recently did. You would assume Ms. Book Club actually reads up on her guests. Guess NOT! For Brees to remove that, he must have meant been self conscious about it or at least not wanting attention brought to it. Right? So, as Genuis introduces Mr. Brees to the audience, she jumps and shakes in excitement like she is a fan. He walks out and sits down, Oprah leans in and says someone kissed you, licks her finger and tries to rub off what she thinks is lipstick on his face! No LAME-O it's a scar! Thanks for making him quiver inside and showing us how much research you do on your guests. Maybe one day someone will come out and ask you how many months you are pregnant?