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Wednesday May 19, 2010 was planned to be a giant Puba content shoot. We had 11, count them 11 people coming, Yes it takes a lot to book porn shoots let alone free porn shoots. Well content shoots but in some eyes it's free because they don't see the long lasting positive effects of these types of days.

I wanted to make sure we had enough people booked because as always something comes up … last minute jobs, expired tests, flat tires, family deaths, pet needing a cuddle buddy or simply too much partying. Just to name a few. A few weeks back we had seven last minute or same day cancelations. So I over booked, knowing that we might lose a person or two. We lost four. But were left with seven still.

Puba girls Avy Scott and Charley Chase brought their willing vaginas for the sexapades of the day. We also had the bad ass Aryana Starr and the yeah really cute Aurora Snow. Guys wise, we had our new POV guy, Keni Styles and Nick Manning.

My day started off at around 5:30am as I always get nervous and anxious when it comes to these types of days. I care about all my product especially when it comes to Puba. I always want the girls to have a good experience one our sets and make sure the content is top notch. Plus on this day I wanted to make sure to impress Aryana and Aurora in how we handle ourselves on set.

Call time was 8:30am … I was already in an anxious energetic mode. We had JAG coming as well as Rick. JAG is a good friend and volunteered his BTS camera services to us. Rick is one kick ass industry photographer known as IndustrybyRick, he was there to take all the BTS pictures you see in this blog.

Nicole was doing make-up and our new PA was on his game. Kory and I wondered the house and made a serious plan of attack. Charley shows up, as always in her cheerful wonderful happy mood. She cooked eggs and bacon for us before jumping into the makeup chair.

Shortly after Aurora arrived then Avy. Aurora walked around in a summer dress with some sort of braid in her hair. Yikes super duper cute. Avy as always shows up all hot and ready to eat vagina. Prince came by with Aryana and the set felt like a big reunion of sorts. I had Aryana's shoes from Black Ass Fixation #2 I shot like six months prior. She was happy to get those suckers back, giving me a big hug and letting my boobs fondle her boobs which felt like forever. Cue the porn music --- "pow chica pow wow"

I bought this silly new workout equipment that looks like a jack off toy. The girl does the masturbation motion on this phallic equipment. Yup got great stills and video of it. Of course I was caught on camera practicing with it too.

Once the girls were set, we were off and running. While Kory did stills in one room, I shot in another and some girls did their own thing somewhere else in the house. JAG and Rick ran around chasing us with their BTS cameras.

Avy did a hot hot scene with Aryana and seemed very honest in their sexual mood towards each. They were on each other's vaginas like LAPD on Rodney King well maybe like Football Williams and the Posse on Reginald Denny. I guess the one difference is the violence on this camera was tongues slapping the shit out the vagina. While those acts tore race relations apart … THESE TYPES of race relations bring us back together. Long live IR LESBIANISM!

Avy continued her vagina love with Aurora as they left us for a cozy side house. I can't wait to jump into editing that scene. With Avy's plan of lesbian attack and Aurora's giggle this might have been one of the gems of the day. Avy's day concluded with a hot three-way with Charley and Aurora. It was a nice free for all as the girls licked and fingered each other. I mostly stood back with the camera and enjoyed the show.

As these scenes were going on, I managed to scrambled through two amazing tease/solos scenes. Charley Chase inspires me with her work ethic and sense of style. She brines out the inner camera queen in me with her wardrobe. She brought this burlesque style outfit with a matching mask. Check out the stills and then the video. The video has the textures and color, as a camera guy to die for. I wanted to do justice to this outfit so we found a gold textured wall, I grabbed my ring-light and Charley grabbed her boobs. The TEASE is AMAZING and this is what drives me as a director. So much so that after an 11 hour day, I edited that music video a few hours after arriving home.

While shooting the solo part of the scene, I felt as someone was watching me! As Charley is sprawling on the bed touching herself, to the right of me the gardner is watching her through the window. I quickly pan to him as he takes off out of frame. We both laugh and go back to business at hand. A few minutes later ANOTHER gardner is peeking in. Camera pans, gardner runs. At this point I'm like FUCK IT I AM IN SUPPORT OF THE ARIZONA LAW and calling the COPS! Oh wait, we are shooting porn. Nevermind. After the scene Charley, still dressed in her gear, and I went and interviewed the Gardner. Below you can see both the awesome tease and the interview with the Peeping Gardner.

Back to work … I shot Aurora in the really cool telephone booth in the house. She had a pretty hot outfit, showing off her long legs. I wanted to shoot something different so I shot the whole thing with my ring-light. With the striped walls and the outfit and the hot chick and the light, I think we had a very cool looking update for Ms. Snow.

THEN the fun began. As Charley and I tried shooting wraparounds for her DVD, we had a bunch of interesting scenarios occur. While shooting her opening the sprinklers turned on, we ran for cover but rolled the entire time. Same happened for the next insert. To conclude the DVD insert shooting, the LAPD began circling the house. So what's a porn chick to do while wearing a bikini as LAPD watched? She flashed them! And guess what? They left. Either Charley has super duper powerful anti-cop booby radar gun OR the LA's Finest got their sneak peek and were off.

We concluded the day with a BG scene involving Aurora and Keni Styles plus Charley with Nick Manning. According to Nick that was an award winning type of scene. I have to agree, it was pretty intense. Very intense.

All in all it was an amazing day of content. 11 hours and 10 scenes later. I want to thank JAG and Rick for their help. Plus the great set of girls on this overwhelming day.

Now sit back and enjoy these videos and pictures ... SEE PICTURES!!!