PRESS RELEASE - Sexual Predator #2

Evolution Erotica’s newest full-time cutting-edge pornographer, Ivan takes us on an a smut-rated journey into the darker-realm of sexual, nightmarish depravity with an art-house fuck film that doesn't sacrifice the smut to achieve it's intensity. After Award winning Independent Filmmaking projects, Ivan joined Tom Byron’s staff as a P.A. and Behind the Scenes creator … and later began shooting scenes. Recently he completed shooting and editing (or as he calls it, Erecting), Sexual Predator #2, which is now available.

An All-Anal scene featuring Deja Daire and her new "handy man” Sascha, begins this rough rollercoaster ride of a film. The new handyman catches the eye of recently broken-up Deja, she wonders what’s in his little red tool box and later finds out exactly what’s in store for her and her ass.

The movie quickly turns towards the theory of Lucid Dreaming, a state of consciousness when one can create and control their own dream-state reality. On occasions though these dreams can become nightmares as Kat finds out during a late night masturbation session. One man’s dream is another girl’s nightmare as Kat’s unconscious catches up with her fears in the subconscious world of Coulrophobia. (Fear of Clowns)

Next the audience is taken on Surreal look into a group Blowjob from a filmmaker's point-of-view and his camera. Including four Super-8 film cameras, one whore (Kami Andrews), and most 35mm film ever used for a blowjob.

A Hitchhiker, a wife-beating asshole, and a moving truck ... all are ingredients for a rough and wild ride, as Charlotte Lee's tantrum results in an unforgiving ass pounding.

Covergirl Taylor Rain joins the debuting Evolution Erotica's new contract performer Jack "The Bulldog" Venice for an ass playing joy ride, stretching Taylor's anus beyond abnormal capacity.

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