My Tits

This section is my pride and joy. It is called "My Tits" for a reason. My vast collection of shoes and Jerseys seem to get as much attention from people as girl's tits. Eveyrwhere I go especially sporting events I get bombarded with compliments on my gear, even the hot porn girls I hang with get a bit jealous as these kind words seem to be directed more at my gear then there "gear." I have over 40 pairs of very uniqoe and colorful shoes with some personalized with an "IamIvan" on them. Also I have almost 200 jerseys, mostly Hockey and Football. Some very unique like my collection of USFL and XFL gear.

Sports fans will appreciate these examples: Herschel Walker (New Jersey Generals), Jim Kelly (Houston Gamblers), Wayne Gretzky (Edmonton Oilers), Harold Carmichael (Philadelphia Eagles), Ricky Williams (Toronto Argonauts), BArry Sanders (OSU), Brett Favre (HS jersey), Eddie Shack (Pittsburgh Penguins) and even an Al Bundy Polk High Jersey. The list goes on.

  The pictures and lists of my gear, my compliments and fun in action "Igear" galleries.