I was Slava
in 1999
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I co-DPed an Independent short in 1999 that was produced by an inheritance from the filmmaker's father's will. This production was shot on 16mm as we used an Eclair-NPR and a 300 FPS camera that I don't recall the make of.
The movie was shot in the desert and mountain areas, involving many unique aspects such as a caveman make-up, a dear carcess, and a pack of wolves.
My favorite monster is a werewolf, my favorite animal is a wolf. We had no werewolves but did have two gorgeous wolves on set.

I was drooling over being around and having an opportunity to shoot these beautiful creatures. That's me with no hair and the backwards glasses.
Here we have the caveman cutting open a dead deer carcas (prop), then eating the insides. The insides were made out of watermelon and fake blood.
We had a lot of gear for daylight shooting including: shineboards, generator, and HMI's.
That's me and the co-DP setting an early morning shot of the caveman running across the desert. It was a bit chilly out there, hence Mr. Shorts (me) wearing pants and a jacket oh and a beanie.

I took this shot because I loved the composition of the wolf and camera guy staring at each other. Kiind of menacing looking shot.
Our grip truck we destroyed ... or I destroyed on the first day of production. I went a little fast on the dips and ripped the trailer hitch off. Oops
Cold caveman sitting for the framing. We had him wrapped up until we rolled. We later took him into a pizza place dressed like that and they wouldn't let him in, thinking he was a creepy homeless guy.
Walking to another location, shinyboard, camera, deer, and all.

The triner for the doffies, eerr wolves would not let me play frisbee with them. He got angry at my suggestion to do so. :(