I was Slava
in 1998
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Here is an interesting scenario as we see Civil War soldiers through the windshield of our truck. This was a Civil War film I worked on for 8 straight days in the fields and jungles of Santa Barbara, CA.
Here is my Stone Cold Steve Austin look. Yup, I have gone through many head changes in my life. At this point it was all about the bold and the beautiful.
As you can see the Soldiers are approaching a relaxed boom operator. This was a very hot shoot with miles of trees and high grass.

We sat up the dolly anywhere we could. In this particular shot it was in this ditch for some action sequences. The A.C. is measurng the distance for focus marks ... gotta keep them in focus!
Here we are setting the shot for the crane/dolly move. I used wedges and anything else available to level the dolly track. This sequence was one of my most difficult track set-ups.
With a bold noggin, I had to keep it warm on the very cold nights. The main hazards of shooting at night are having animals/creatures such as snakes gather by the warm lights. We had to always check in on the lights to make sure no unwanted scawwy monsters were hiding under the stands.
We rented a small crane to get some more elaborate shots. A huge amount of counter weights like sandbags, were used to keep the camera from tilting over.

Check it out! It's Slava versus the entire Army! Come on suckas! RAWR!!!
How great is this shot? Here is the Director of Photography shooting the battle and next to him is the still photographer changing lenses. Check out how high the grass is.
The camera rolls! And the battle begins!
I have to admit no matter how hot or how long the days were, this was one of the coolest shoots I have ever been on. Check out the battle. Guns blazing, people blown up, this was a blast.

I wish I can post more pictures, so everyone can see the massacre commited on these soldiers bodies and faces. These soldiers were re-creators and took their job very serious. So serious they slept together outside, spooning to keep warm. Yup, spooning!