I was Slava
in 1995
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While attending film school I worked on over 55 films/projects. On this particular film I was 2nd Unit D.P., gaffer, and Key Grip. Mostly doing Key grip work. The clothes pins (C-47's) on my hat are used to gel lights. When bored I would right messages on them or carve out figures.
We often had get creative with our equipment. Sometimes hanging out on neighbor's roofs with shiny boards to get the light we needed through a 2nd story window. Upon lowering one of those at the end of the day. I re-dislocated my shoulder, with the sand bags, each one weighed over 50 lbs.
The white parachute looking think is not my shirt! It's really a 12x12 foot silk used to soften the sun light coming through the window. The big green thing is our barney used to limit the sound camera used during the shoot.
This production took place on a dry bed lake. We had the 12by up on two high rollers bagged down with over 200 lbs of sandbags. As you can tell the 12by bagged and held by two grips still acted as a sail. After the shoot we actually did desert sailing with the rig. This was a national commercial for ESPN. I was a key grip and dolly grip on the production. I am the guy in all black and a red banadana.