I was Slava
in 1994
Production B
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This was a short film from which the Director got some sort of Directing dealing with Fox. The actress in the shot with grabbed my Arri hat and put it on. She thought it was cute that I had C-47's stuck on it. She wanted us to take a picture together using my hat as an excuse to get my sweat on her. Check it out, you can see my jaw line. :)
For this shot we had a dolly set-up outside the window, shooting through a make-shift rain machine. All we did was take a waterhose and run the water down the roof and window to create the rain effect. Inside sat a very naked actress (from above) painting.
On this production the budget was somewhat low as you can tell by the small Grip/Electric truck. I got this job from the previous desert feature that I worked on. From this movie I got a short film job and eventually upon my graduation ... got a two feature Dolly Grip job. The A.D. on this movie was DPIing those films and hired me on the spot.