I was Slava
in 1994
Production A
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This production took place during the hot summer of 1994. I was a film student coming off my first feature crew work. This was my first Hollywood job. I woke up 5:00am to bunch of vegetables hanging in front of my room. Yes that's a tomato smoking next to my face.
We needed to set-up furniture blankets on the ground to limit the foot steps from the Steadi-Cam guy, his assistant (me), and the boom operator. This was a long tracking shot with almost 100 feet of blankets on the ground.
My friend and I found this funny looking rock, we it named the "Butt Rock". We later added our own flavor to this natural wonder with a long strip of toilet paper.

Our Grip Truck was 40 feet and filled with a lot of toys. Here is a set-up from one of the fun days at work. This is a 12k HMI (12,000 watts) on a 15 foot scaffold. Yup we had to put that heavy bad boy on their by hand.
This was a unique type of shoot. We had to park our equipment trucks on the road and load up gear and crew into a pick-up truck then drive everything deeper into the desert. Two things stand out to me in the picture. On the right side the boom guy with his 15 foot boom and the Director's assistant carrying the director's pink and white umbrella.
Here is one of the set-ups in a ditch. The camera was put on the steadi-cam to make for an easier move or re-positioning of the shot.
Usually I am afraid of heights but this six foot ladder was no match for me. The shiny boards were used to fill in the darker parts of the ditches and gulleys we were shooting in.

Here we got two teamsters and the Best Boy Grip sitting on the truck. Yes these guys were as teamster as it gets. At one point the Tony Soprano looking one told the Producer to get off "his" truck. Priceless. These guys drove us then sat all day watching small TVs or playing Gameboy.
This is like our conqeuring shot. From left to right we have the grip, boom operator, DP, director (hidden), 2nd A.C. and the 1st A.C. We were shooting the cast from about half a mile away, hiking up and down the desert hills.
Bored Crews gone Wild!
This 12x12 Griflon was a big cause of a few minor leg scars. As we carried it into this ditch, I was on the bottom working my way down ... a gust of wind grabbed it and it began to flutter, upon the Gaffer's yells I held on for dear life trying to make sure it didn't hit the jagged rocks. Well it didn't but I did and I bleed all over the my sox and boots. I looked good for the ladies, a hero os sorts. :) I have always respected equipment more then personal injury. I love this stuff.

Here we have a 5K HMI blasting through a 6x6 silk, filling in the lunch area for the scene. Yes it was hot around the light but blistering in front of it.
Steadi-Cam rig taking a break from the heat.
At lunch time we made sure to always have a crew person eat and protect the gear. We often had rattlesnakes wonder unto the set, hence the protection. The grip in the blue is the hero for this moment and camoflouged are two sound people wearing all black. The camera is covered with a weather blanket to protect from the heat and sand. A shinyboard is creating a big glow at the bottom right corner.
Besides snakes, we had other visitors come by to say hello.

Exterior desert car shots. Check out the length of that boom. The camera truck is to the right of the frame.
Shiny boards and more shiny boards.