2011 Articles:      

X-Biz Magazine
May 2011 ... Director's Chair

"I began shooting and editing some really fun BTS, to a point that reviewers were mentioning my name in the reviews. Back then I was know as Ivan E. Rection. Some of these reviewers who are still around, give me credit as Ivan E." ... INTERVIEW


LA Talk Radio
June 8, 2011 ... Radio Interview



February 17, 2011

“I was doing some editing work at the old Extreme Associates in 2002,” says Ivan, whose family emigrated from Russia in the 70s and who looks like Rasputin might if he had stayed on his meds and eaten better. “And I couldn’t believe people got paid for what I was watching people do.” ... INTERVIEW


Whack Magazine Video Interview
February 11, 2011

WHACK! mag’s favorite director of degenerate deviance, Ivan, has a chat with Miss Lagsalot on the 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo floor.
Original Article / YOUTUBE


  2010 Articles:      



Whack Magazine
May 18 & May 25, 2010

“Porn has made me more tolerant of all kinds of people and all kinds of environments. Basically, porn made me a better person.” ... “I truly don’t care what others think of me.”


Fox Magazine
June 2010, Issue # 163

"It would be a $5000 gonzo I would shoot while driving to set in my brand new $95,000 car. Or I would do the most bad ass action packed horror spoof I have been sitting on for about 2 years." ... INTERVIEW


Ravers DVD Magazine (uk)
2010, Volume 4, Issue # 5

But the MOST MEMORABLE would have to be having the scene stopped by a pimp who tells us we are "putting too much wear and tear on his property!" That was straight out of a movie, a bad silly movie" ... INTERVIEW

  2009 Articles      

Prime Magazine (by the Daily Bruin)
Winter Issue 2009

"We shoot on a lot of couches, tables and chairs." Ivan said. "Never sit on the couches in a gonzo studio." ... INTERVIEW


October 2009

"I have friends who bitch about porn piracy yet have no problem's downloading the new mainstream movies. That's hypocritical. At least if you down load the movie go still see it in the theater. So the filmmaker who busted his butt and spent a lot of his life on it gets the deserved reward. Yes I can't stand piracy but many of us contribute to it whether we like to admit it or not." ... INTERVIEW

The IVAN Report - by. Jersey
January 2009

“There are few people I imagine that don't like me or approve of me being kind or polite or I guess better then them. But I have enough worries in the real world of mine to sit and worry about some lame porn drama or who hates me for what.”. ... INTERVIEW
  2008 Articles:      
Adult FYI - by. Gene Ross
July 22, 2008

“If somebody comes up and asks are you going to the party tonight I go what party? Then I would probably drive to Topanga Mall and buy myself a T-shirt and take a shower so I could go to it. My life’s kind of stuck in my office.”. ... INTERVIEW, Part 1 & 2

X-Biz Magazine
February 2008 ... From Russia with Lust

Anyone who gets into this business needs to take some sort of maturity test. And maturity is not necessarily an age thing, since there are 30-year-olds who are clueless and 18-year-olds that can mentally run circles around them. Plus, I strongly believe that we all should treat each other with respect. I have seen so many girls in this industry being mistreated by their agents and other guys. ... INTERVIEW

  2007 Articles:      

Adult Industry Press
December 26, 2007

I am pretty happy on the pace my career is going. With Extreme I had awards, with Anabolic I have critical success but to me the most important part is having a good rep with my co-workers. I try to treat everyone with respect on set and have a light hearted time. I think people enjoy working with me and that right there is more important then anything else. ... INTERVIEW


AEBN.com & XPEEPS.com
November 2007 ... Interview for Featured Director of the Week

It's kind of an interesting story, because, while I was at Extreme the last year, I was offered a job by a few companies. But, I'm kind of loyal to who I work for, so even though those companies are pretty big companies...feature companies, I turned them down because I'm just loyal to Rob Black [founder of Extreme] and Tom Byron [founder of Evolution]. ... INTERVIEW

October 18, 2007

I am not really into movies having sex or violence for the sake of trying to be “different” or being rebel filmmakers. In my opinion filmmakers sometimes fall in love with themselves and their own work when they need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Give me a good story any time over eye balls popping out while trying to be serious ... INTERVIEW

  2006 Articles:      

May 2006 ... Hear the Pod-Cast interview

How does a small Russian boy grow up to direct for the most controversial company in porn? Extreme Associates mainstay Ivan gives us the scoop on his unikely career path from indie filmmaking to The Texas Asshole Massacre and his new spoof, The Sex Sense. And, though Ivan doesn't fuck dead people, he certainly gets spooked by them: His Hollywood pad is haunted! ... INTERVIEW


November 2005 & Posted July 2006

I decided that I wanted to make the kind of movies that people would want to keep and show to their friends. I want to put a unique spin on things ... I just recently sat down with a director in our office and went over with him a list of things that he needs for a good scene. If you have never sat down with bad footage then you have no idea what good footage really is ... INTERVIEW

July 2006

Who are the best people to work with?

People that can separate the business part from it. It's still a business, treat it that way. Be on time, be prepared, and be into it ... INTERVIEW
  PR Interview
March 2006

The first two things I ever saw from Extreme were The Pornographer and Cocktails. Cocktails freaked me out but The Pornographer got me hooked ... The first time I saw Tom Byron in person ... he didn't have his famous mullet anymore. :( ... INTERVIEW
  2004-05 Articles:      
XXXPornTalk - SmutLight
Mid 2005

How do you get into the porn biz?

Well it's kind of interesting story. Rob Black used to own a wrestling company, XPW, that my brother (Ricky Dynamite, director/editor for Diabolic) did lots of work for as a young kid ... INTERVIEW
  Adult FYI - by. Gene Ross
Mid 2004

Then Rection got involved with XPW. "One time Sabu who was wrestling for them at the time, invited some Japanese wrestling fans who were in town for a couple of WWF shows. ... INTERVIEW