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Adult Filmography  

As a young boy in the Soviet Union I spent most of my time sculpting and drawing. I came to United States with my parents on March 6, 1979. After a five month journey through Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Italy the trip was over. With little language skills my parents spent the next year at night school preparing themselves for a new life and a new beginning. I spent those nights sitting in the classes honing my art skills. These skills later would help in winning scholarship awards in High School and College.

As an aspiring cartoonist I applied and was accepted to the highly prestigious Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, CA. Even though the acceptance was a high accomplishment, I decided on a local Commercial Art School, Watterson College. At Watterson my interest for moving visual story telling developed through experiences in TV production courses. The next two years were spent at a Junior College (Los Angeles Valley) studying Film Theory and History. In 1993 I was accepted to the highly acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography. On campus he quickly built a reputation as a positive and impressive worker. During my stay at Brooks I produced three shorts and won many Awards, such as the Eastman Kodak Film Award, Motion Picture Departmental Award, and the highest achievement of the President's Award ... being the 51st winner in the school's 50 years of existence. Our class project "As Luck Would Have It" won the 1997 Cine Golden Eagle award. Along with personal projects and accolades I also managed to work on almost 60 projects from student shorts to professional features... this was all in just 42 months. The contacts I made while at school paid off with quick film work and TV production.


I have worked in the film and television industry since 1995 with positions ranging from grip to director which include over 100 features, shorts, commercials, TV Shows, etc.

In 1997 I joined up with two aspiring filmmakers, to creative the highly acclaimed and award winning horror short "Y2K: Shut Down Detected". This film brought critical success including high praise from the horror maestro John Landis. We followed that up with another joint venture, this time a psychological action thriller feature, "The New Chapter". The past six years I have produced and/or directed 10 projects with recent projects in post production, both being documentaries, "48" about an inner city High School football team and "Angel for Hire" an amazing look inot a hardcore wrestler's life. Currently we are working on a horror comedy series entited, Roadside Killer.

In August of 2003 I was approached by Kevin K. and Tom Byron of Evolution Erotica about joining their team. It was an opportunity of a lifetime I couldn't resist. Since then I have directed numerous movies for them under the "Ivan" monikor. As well as directing a few movies under anonymity. While at Evolution Erotica and Extreme Associates, I created "Ivan's Erections" and a Horror Porn Spoof series "Ivan's Slut-O-Rama presents". Making such Award winning projects as Texas Asshole Massacre. This lead to critical acclaim and interest from a few companies. Along the way penning an Award winning blog. I eventually moved on to Anabolic Digital where I have been directing since early 2007. Currently I am heavily involved in the companies production and post. For more information check out the movies section for trailers and other fun stuff. I am also in development of a few "IamIVAN" projects that will be revealed shortly.

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